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What’s behind “The Composer and The Flycatcher” tale?

Greetings! ūüôā ‚̧

When I’ve got the inspiration to write “The Composer¬† and T’he Flycatcher”, yes it came from an early baroque song and from the singing of a bird who used to¬†visit me¬†outside my window some years ago-¬† I felt¬†inside of me¬†the wish to create an amazing world from it.¬† Yes, a fantasy tale, but “soaking” it with¬† feelings that we all experience in our lives..¬†¬† When I say “soaking”it, it’s¬†for example, when I write a letter or a poem to someone I love and to a friend, I’am not just writing it, I’am “soaking”¬†my words with my all my¬†heart and soul.¬† It’s like I’am “sending” myself within¬†every single word, stop, comma, exclamtion and space written in the page. ¬†If I don’t feel it, I’am not writing anything to anybody at all.¬† When I write something is like taking care of a garden.¬† You know your flowers and your plants will die if you don’t give them water, if you don’t give that especial attention that they need.¬†¬† You love your garden and you have this urge need to have it always beatiful, to nurture it,¬†so you can visit it¬†and enjoy it all the times you want to.

So, what’s behind “The Composer and The Flycatcher” tale?

I’ve been told and I’ve been searching about “what’s our purpose as human beings here in this world?”¬† I used to ask to myself the same question over and over again.¬†¬† “What I’am doing in here?”¬† I used to said to myself “I don’t want to waste my time in here”¬† “I wish to have knowledge!”¬† “I need to know If I¬†really have a purpose in here!”¬† I asked to myself over and over “Is it breathing and feeling only my purposes?”¬† “Is it just having a good job and earn money?”¬†¬† “Is it just born, get old, and die?”¬† I used to complain about the ignorance I was myself into.¬†¬†¬†But then,¬†it took me a while, but I came to a conclusion that we all are here to find and experiment unconditional love in every possible way of our existence.

But, what kind of love?

  • Love to God.
  • Love to yourself first.
  • Love to your especial people in your life – family, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, kids, friends.
  • Love to your world.¬† it’s our home, the only place we have.
  • Love to your commitments, your goals.¬† To all that you do in your every day life.

I’ve have experienced that when I do things with love, there are no doubts in myself and things go amazingly great!¬† When you don’t believe it, when you don’t feel it right, when you just do something just to do it… it’s when you experiece the “bumps” in the road.¬† Even “thinking”¬† Hey , I might like to¬†try this!¬† and there is no love, not excitment within, even if you have all the best intention in your mind, if you don’t put your heart, and your soul to what you do, you are going down.

Yes, it’s valid to feel ourselves¬†“lost”¬†sometimes, to feel “tired” and that we are not going to make it… but you gotta get up, trust in yourself, your love, because life it’s so exciting, so amazing, to be like this all the time.¬†¬† Embrace yourself, cheer up!

So, again, what’s behind “The Composer and The Flycatcher” tale?

√ćt’s love!

Please, stay in touch… there is more to come.



All the light, life, love and freedom from the heart and soul.

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