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The Best Gift Ever – Poem

The Best Gift Ever
By Diana Arco

I’am writing these words today.
I’m here to let my heart and soul
To express what with no effort
Comes from my within.

So I feel the need to say
That the best gift ever
Is the one I cannot hold with my hands,
And even in a touch of my skin,
It’s my heart and soul the ones in bliss.

The best gift ever
Is the one given by the creator
For the sparkle of light
Alive in the world
Where all of us live
As his dearest guests
In his home.

The best gift ever
Is not the one you get physically
On those special occasions,
It’s the company you enjoy from people
During the celebrations,
The ones who accepted your invitation
To join the feast you’ve prepared.

The best gift ever
Is the one that comes from
The one you truly love,
Cause’ you’re so aware
They could be loving someone else,
And in freedom they chose to be with you instead
For their love is alive and true,
And so are yours
For you can’t stop loving
The one who makes you happy,
Where love is a miracle that came true. u.

The Gift Of Love

Love is a gift

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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