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My Unconditional Love – Poem

My Unconditional Love
By Diana Arco

Embraced by the ink of my heart
And the book of my soul
I find myself within a vibration
In the need of attention.
So I call the wisdom of all,
The one who arrives
Without hesitation,
That even in a whisper
Comforts the message loud and clear,
In tune with my being.

In freedom I accept
The existence within me
Of the generous and greatest
Unconditional love.
So in freedom I refuse
To hold hands
With the ignorance given
Under some behaviors
Not welcomed in my life,
Them, in disguise,
Used in the name of love.

Oh, disrespectful,
The one who dares to try
To stain in darkness
My only one,
The one I truly love.
You and your ignorant,
Ego behaviors
Are going to pay for all your wrongs.
Because love in silenced wisdom
Holds the light of truth.
And like the flower that blooms
When it’s ready to fulfill its purpose,
So it’s the knowledge
From the one who owns
My unconditional love.

My true love
Don’t need to yell out loud
To all the world,
For my true love is wise in privacy
And its proper use.
His heart is huge
He believes in himself,
His faith and hope,
His poetical light
Powerful gift,
He is alive
Doing the best he can
For happiness within.
And he has me by the heart
Unconditionally in love with him

Love Never Fails

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

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The Poetry Tale Of The Two Souls – Poem

The Poetry Tale Of The Two Souls.
By Diana Arco.

This is the poetry tale
Of two particular souls
That once upon a time met
In a place they only know.

So, let me start by telling you
That for the purposes of this writing,
I’m calling “Red” to one character
And “Yellow” to the other.

Then we begin with…

Once upon a time,
Two beautiful souls met
Under a huge and welcoming tree,
Under the sun and the caressing wind.

Both smiled to each other
As shy as they could be,
In a moment of confusion
But excitement within.

‘I”am Red” He said gentle.
“I’am Yellow” She said in a whisper.
While both were shaking hands
And looking at each other’s faces.

“This is a place I enjoy visiting.
I’ve never seen you before”
Said Red excited
“I’am used to my own solitude.”

“I’ve just discovered it,
Few moments ago.
I hope I’am not trespassing.
Should I go?” Asked yellow concerned.

Red shakes his head,
And with a safe: “No”
He held the hand of his new friend
To invited her to look around.

The song of the birds,
The blue sky,
That mountains high,
The dancing grass.

The colorful flowers,
The clear river,
The dancing fishes,
The light of the sun.

You just can imagine
How much fun,
When time went fast
And the night arrived at last.

So the moon and the stars,
The crickets and their melodies,
The echoing wind,
The serenity and wonder.

Both knew each other,
And had such a wonderful time.
Both were greatful,
And decided to meet again next day.

So as excited as she was,
Yellow arrived punctual.
And under the beautiful tree,
She waited for her Red.

But hours went by
And no signs of him.
Yellow wrote a note
And left it inside their tree.

“Thank you for the other day,
I’am grateful for our meeting.
I felt such love and freedom,
I’am myself and my heart beating.”

Yellow came back the other day
And no signs of her Red, again.
She took her hand where she left the note,
And pulled another piece of paper within.

“Sorry I didn’t make it,
I have no excuse.
You’re a lovely lady.
Let’s keep in touch.”

And so, both developed
A singular communication.
Where in the magnificence of the place
They used to wrote to each other a letter.

Both accepted this new adventure
With gladness and a positive attitude.
Writing poetry to a dearest one
Makes wonders to the heart.

But under the same and beautiful tree,
Days and nights became years.
And no matter Yellow’s pleas,
Red didn’t appear.

Until one day,
And after so long,
There he was, under the tree.
Red was waiting for her.

She ran to him and hugs him
With all the love in herself,
And finally her “I Love You”
Came out from her lips.

He finally hugs her
With all the love in himself,
And finally his “I Love You More”
Came out from his lips as well.

They walked together all day,
Enjoying their beautiful landscape
That witness their lives,
And then she remembered what he told her once.

“I’am used to my own solitude.”
Those words echoed in her heart with love.
She understood she had to win the trust
Of such amazing and worth waiting soul.

Couple with a heart tree

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom Of The Heart And Soul.”

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Do what you love…

DO  What You LOVE


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedrom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Composer and The Flycatcher – Character Description – Aletta.

Greetings, Everyone!

I’m here today to continue my character’s description.

Now is time for you to discover “Aletta”,  The Composer’s  daughter….and the Flychatcher’s desire…


Stay in touch for more characters to come!



❤ All the light, life, love, and freedom from the heart and soul! 🙂

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