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The Inspiration Behind “The Composer And The Flycatcher”

Greetings! 🙂

I’m taking this moment to talk about how did I find the inspiration to write my book “The Composer and The Flycatcher”…

I must say I wasn’t seated watching my white page in word document on my laptop’s screen, letting the time goes by while I was waiting for the inspiration to arrive.    As you know the inspiration arrives at any moment, any place, any time, so I always have with me a small notebook that I have inside my purse.

So, how this adventure started four years go?

I love to listen music, any kind of music, and there are times when I just feel the need to listen classical and back then I was searching the internet to download amazing pieces to my Ipod.   One day I came accross with a piece from the Early baroque european time.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baroque_music  (Please open to read about this amazing music and time).

In this particular piece the flute is playing and the violin is answering… and I just fell totally in love with the sounds.    Here is the link if you would like to listen to it   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iXh8JOlP2s   Please go to the  48:46,  yes, at the end, it’s the last song from all the album.   Enjoy!

Now, I need to make a break about the “Early Baroque” song to jump into a very excited experience that happened  to me that also inspired me to write my book.  I remember very well.  It all started one saturday morning in the summer of 2009 when I was visited by a bird.  The little one started to sing outside my window.   It was so nice!  Even my mom listened the singing.   I remember I told her I’ve never listened to a bird singing like that before.  Unfortunatelly the singing didn’t last much, I only was able to enjoy it for a few weeks… until this day I haven’t been able to listen any other bird singing like the little one who used to visit me.

Back to the “Early Baroque” song again…  One day I was listening to the song… the flute speaking and the violin answering.  Then, somehow it hit me.  In my mind I saw an old man dancing while playing his violin and a little bird flying around him doing the part of the flute.   The man was wearing the Baroque’s time clothing  http://www.reconstructinghistory.com/blog/common-mens-clothing-in-the-early-baroque-period.html.  He was dancing in his living room, happy.    Then I remembered the little bird that used to sing outside my window, and it just all made sense to me.  I took my notebook and I started to write some ideas…  and  I wrote the plot after that, the characters’ descriptions, the colors and the smell of their city and their home, the music, the feelings, the pains…  It took me hours, then days, but I was so happy with my idea.

Then I thought about finding the right bird for my tale…

Since the baroque time took place in Europe, specially in Italy,  this is where I decided my tale will take place.   And after a long search of possible birds,  I came up with this little one…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HEwyJRw6Yc    Isn’t he lovely?  Sometimes  I love to see him flying and singing inside my head.

Please, stay in touch for more…


Diana ❤  🙂

All the light, life, love, freedom from the heart and soul.

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

Ok, Let me start with introducing myself… Easy… Basic information…

Name: Diana Arco

Birth Place: Monterrey México

Birthday: 11th June 1975

Age: Hmmm… The yikes “40″!… but age it’s just a number… I don’t feel myself my age anyway…

Weight, height, etc… Do you really need to know about these? Hmmm… I’m 5″7 height… And weight… ??? Hmmm…

Status: “Single “- But,  I’m still waiting for Prince Charming!

Occupation / Here in this blog: I’am a writer! Finally, I can say that!…

My first book:  “The Composer and The Flycatcher”  A fantasy poetry – prose and verse tale. A Whimsical Ode To Love!

Occupation / Outside this blog: I’m a soul, a human being, a daughter, sister, aunt, and friend first.  I work in the show business,  booking live entertainment from USA to México.

My Welcome message / Quote:

“Blogging is not rocket science,

it’s about being yourself,

and putting what you have into.”

“Let’s have fun!”


Diana Arco.

“All The Light, Life, Love And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”


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