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My Valentine – Poem


One Poem To My Valentine.

There is such a wonder in the feeling,
My joy, my pleasure, my everything.
My Valentine is alive!
That’s my every day reality,
My beating heart is love in love.

So, every time I wake up and when I go to bed,
I send my prayers to the love I’am,
To the love I have, and…
Oh, My Valentine!
You’re always present within me.

I’m here with my sincere emotion,
No need for explanations.
Love is the best
In all possible and impossible ways.
There is no difference.

I’m here with my devotion,
No need for explanations.
Love is the best poetry
Inspiring me.
Yes, indeed.. your poet, your poem.

I’m here with all my heart and soul,
Feel my love
I let it flow.
Oh, My Valentine!
You’re my sun.

Diana Arco.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”
I Love You, Baby.

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