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Within The Poem Within The Poet – Poem

Within the poem
Within the poet
By Diana Arco

Within the poem
It’s a life of journeys,
Love awareness
In joys, and gratefulness.

Within the poem
The moon and sun
Will always shine,
For sure
They will never let us down.
Or preference the storm
With its thunders,
Rains, and windy noises at once.

Within the poem
It’s the truth.
Those emotions
Turned into words
So then the most humbled tool
Has found its own path
To the heart and soul.

Within the poem
It’s a labyrinth
Of freedom,
For no matter
How many blocked entrances,
The poem itself finds its way out.
Love, it’s the answer.

And at the beginning
As at the end,
Within the poet
Is everything,
And ending
Always with yourself.

Within Yourself

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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