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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Spring Advent Catalog for 2014!

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Amazing Ladies – Poem

Amazing Ladies
By Diana Arco.

Ladies from the past
That inspires others in the present.
How can I thank you enough
For all your courage and wisdom?

Ladies, you answered the call,
Without hesitation took the stand
And left a legacy of achievements
For others to continue, to improve.

The job is not over yet
While one work complements other
For the life of what’s right in the heart and soul
Of each lady in this world.

So, to all amazing ladies.
The smart, gracious, ferocious defenders
Of our birthplace…
Never forget who we are, why we are here, and what we can achieve.

Famous Women In History

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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I’am Alive – Poem

I’am Alive
By Diana Arco

During the day,
Waiting for the stars to shine.
During the night,
Sleeping peacefully
My welcome to the sun.
And in between from all…
Just me,
And my dreams
To awake into this world.

And what the eyes see in detail,
What the heart feels in each beating,
What the soul explores and learn,
All together in a smile I turn
Grateful for
My Celebration of life.
So I scream out loud:
I’am alive!!!

Heart Birdsjpg

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Choice – Poem

The Choice –
By Diana Arco

What makes you better?
What makes you worse?
To someone you’ll always be a hero,
The villain to someone else.

In a sea of confusion
And the sky of awareness.
Where is the truth
That we always need to find?

It’s the perception that haunt us,
And makes us see what we want,
Not the truth that is screaming
To be seen and heard.

So I ask you one more time:
What makes you better?
What makes you worse?
Do you understand these words?

In a land full of promises
Or in confined space
Alone with a key in your hand.
You always have the choice anyway.

surreal art

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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Thank You – Poem

Thank You
By Diana Arco

It doesn’t matter
The hour and the day,
You’ve been here
With me.

It doesn’t matter
The inclemencies of weather,
You’ve been holding my hand
And we’ve been stronger than ever.

It doesn’t matter
My mistakes and my ignorance,
You’ve been watching and listening.
Your love and wisdom is all I need.

It doesn’t matter
My moods, noises and silence,
You accept me for who I’am.
I embrace you with all my might, my dear.

For all this
And more you already know,
I thank you very much
For loving me like you do.

“To my special people in my life: Thank You So Much.”

Thank You

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Composer And The Flycatcher – 2014 Release!

The waiting time

Online Cover The Composer And The Flycatcher Author Diana Arco

The Composer And Flycatcher Small Synopsis

You can pre-order here:!product/prd15/1361300751/the-composer-%26-the-flycatcher%2C-diana-arco—mexico

donnaink-publications LLC LOGO

Thank you,
Author Diana Arco

Make your dream come true

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Bubbling Bubbles – Poem

Bubbling Bubbles
By Diana Arco

Bubbling bubbles
Bright splendorous dance.
Make a way to the fantasy,
Marvelous imagination within.

Bubbling bubbles
Delicating pops,
Don’t worry about them
That’s why they are here for.

Pop pop pop
Bubbling bubbles bubbled up
From here to there.
I’am playing with them, I’m free.

Oh, my neverending
Bubbling bubbles fantasy
Pop popping popped joys.
You never let me down.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

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Words “The Plea” – Poem

Words “The Plea”
By Diana Arco

And here is the amazement,
Also the concern:
Words from the poet,
The author, the writer…
All those places
Where everyone
And everything
To a destiny arrives.

So all those moments of joy,
Where we celebrate love
In poetry,
Lyrics, and songs.
So all the feelings
From the hearts and souls
Finds a place
To call home.

Then for such precious moments
We have peace
With the ones we love,
And we respect each other
Sharing ourselves
In a blessed conjunction…
In our embrace
We rest an awaken smile.

But what about that writer
That only spread lies?
Oh, ignorant intersection,
Prisoner of darken roads.
You dare to twist words
To your own convenience,
And like an ocean of misery,
You take the ones who heard.

Manipulative of texts
Where rivers of sadness flow,
And thunders created
By human hands
Explode in chaos
Contaminating the gifts
That were trusted to us
From the beginning of all times.

Then this plea:
Poet, writer, author:
Take action
And share love
No violence.
Share knowledge
No ignorance.
We all write alfter all…

Font Faces Man Woman

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul”

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Synchronization Of Love – Poem

Synchronization Of Love
By Diana Arco

There is such a power
Running all over
And inside my body now.
I just let it be
Without any doubt.

I let my synchronization of love
To win out and loud
When no effort is needed
Since it is pure and simple
While freely flows down.

Then strong is my river
Towards your ocean
Wild and with joy.
So, it’s not a mistake at all
When the heart really knows.

There is this special moment
And I’am sharing it with you.
You’ve been chosen
To make a dream come true.
So open yourself and get in tune.

Dance this song with me,
I promise I wont disappoint.
Love is the master
The perfectionist
And our bond in this world.

Now we are together
Without fears whatsoever
In our own synchronization of love,
Where we are in this adventure
And both are winners in our souls.


“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom From The Heart And Soul.”

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The Poetry Tale Of The Two Souls – Poem

The Poetry Tale Of The Two Souls.
By Diana Arco.

This is the poetry tale
Of two particular souls
That once upon a time met
In a place they only know.

So, let me start by telling you
That for the purposes of this writing,
I’m calling “Red” to one character
And “Yellow” to the other.

Then we begin with…

Once upon a time,
Two beautiful souls met
Under a huge and welcoming tree,
Under the sun and the caressing wind.

Both smiled to each other
As shy as they could be,
In a moment of confusion
But excitement within.

‘I”am Red” He said gentle.
“I’am Yellow” She said in a whisper.
While both were shaking hands
And looking at each other’s faces.

“This is a place I enjoy visiting.
I’ve never seen you before”
Said Red excited
“I’am used to my own solitude.”

“I’ve just discovered it,
Few moments ago.
I hope I’am not trespassing.
Should I go?” Asked yellow concerned.

Red shakes his head,
And with a safe: “No”
He held the hand of his new friend
To invited her to look around.

The song of the birds,
The blue sky,
That mountains high,
The dancing grass.

The colorful flowers,
The clear river,
The dancing fishes,
The light of the sun.

You just can imagine
How much fun,
When time went fast
And the night arrived at last.

So the moon and the stars,
The crickets and their melodies,
The echoing wind,
The serenity and wonder.

Both knew each other,
And had such a wonderful time.
Both were greatful,
And decided to meet again next day.

So as excited as she was,
Yellow arrived punctual.
And under the beautiful tree,
She waited for her Red.

But hours went by
And no signs of him.
Yellow wrote a note
And left it inside their tree.

“Thank you for the other day,
I’am grateful for our meeting.
I felt such love and freedom,
I’am myself and my heart beating.”

Yellow came back the other day
And no signs of her Red, again.
She took her hand where she left the note,
And pulled another piece of paper within.

“Sorry I didn’t make it,
I have no excuse.
You’re a lovely lady.
Let’s keep in touch.”

And so, both developed
A singular communication.
Where in the magnificence of the place
They used to wrote to each other a letter.

Both accepted this new adventure
With gladness and a positive attitude.
Writing poetry to a dearest one
Makes wonders to the heart.

But under the same and beautiful tree,
Days and nights became years.
And no matter Yellow’s pleas,
Red didn’t appear.

Until one day,
And after so long,
There he was, under the tree.
Red was waiting for her.

She ran to him and hugs him
With all the love in herself,
And finally her “I Love You”
Came out from her lips.

He finally hugs her
With all the love in himself,
And finally his “I Love You More”
Came out from his lips as well.

They walked together all day,
Enjoying their beautiful landscape
That witness their lives,
And then she remembered what he told her once.

“I’am used to my own solitude.”
Those words echoed in her heart with love.
She understood she had to win the trust
Of such amazing and worth waiting soul.

Couple with a heart tree

“All The Light, Life, Love, And Freedom Of The Heart And Soul.”

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